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Audio books

His Trophy Wife

When Morganna Ashworth's father died, leaving her his debts, Sloan Montgomery realized he could finally achieve his two lifelong ambitions: the acquisition of a socially acceptable wife, and revenge on the Ashworth family!

In return for him paying off the debts, Morganna became Mrs. Sloan Montgomery. But once they were wed, Sloan didn't bargain on falling deeply in love with his trophy wife! Especially considering all the secrets and lies between them....

audio narration by Paula Slade

Ruining the Rake

A desperate young lady…

When Elinor’s guardian arranges her marriage to an elderly merchant interested only in her society connections, she will do anything to sabotage the wedding – even if it means ruining herself by running off with another man.

A gentleman rake…

Who could be a better choice for a woman who needs ruining than a man so notorious that all of London calls him Lord Rake?

A straightforward bargain…

But when their arrangement goes awry, saving Elinor may mean ruining the rake!

audio narration by Jan Cramer

More historical romance

Sell Me A Dream

With her job selling real estate, her little daughter, and the new man in her life, Stephanie Kendall is content – but when her ex-husband moves to town, her peaceful life comes to a crashing halt. The once footloose Jordan Kendall is now a powerful businessman, and he insists Stephanie be the one to find him the house of his dreams. But is the house only the beginning? What if the next thing he demands is custody of their daughter?

The Daddy Trap

Lindsay wanted a baby, Gibb didn’t – and their conflicting stands broke up their fledgling marriage. When Gibb comes back to town as a consultant at the family business, their attraction is just as strong. But Gibb still doesn’t want a child – and Lindsay now has an eight-year-old son.
The Daddy Trap was a finalist in the Romance Writers of America RITA contest for best sweet traditional romance of the year.

Some Kind of Hero

Pop singer Hunter Dix is Lauren Hodges' hero – far more glamorous and exciting than Ward, the practical man just down the street who has been courting her for months. She'd never dreamed of actually meeting her hero, but when Hunter visits the jewelry store where she works, there's an undeniable connection. Suddenly Hunter is just as excited by his sweet Lauren as she is about him, and he's talking of sweeping her off on his next tour. But is Lauren so dazzled by champagne and roses and special concerts that she can't recognize a real hero when she sees one?

The Unlikely Santa

In the retail business, Christmas isn't a holiday, it's an endurance contest – and as manager of the Tyler-Royale department store in a major Chicago shopping mall, Brandi Ogilvie knows that surviving December will be a challenge. Merchandise is going astray and her staff is decimated by flu, but at least Brandi has a full roster of Santas. Then Zack Forrest shows up in her store, insisting he's the perfect candidate to fill Santa's red velvet suit.

Brandi's new Santa is too tall, too lean, too dark, and way too sexy for the role. But he's enough to make a jaded department store manager think twice about what she'd like to find under her tree on Christmas morning – if only she wasn't so certain that Zack is hiding something.

The Unlikely Santa was a finalist in the Romance Writers of America RITA contest for best sweet traditional romance of the year.

Traveling Man

“Give that man an inch and he thinks he’s a ruler!”

When the host of the Kansas City Morning TV show has a heart attack, the station manager brings in traveling feature reporter Quinn Randolph to “help out” co-host Emily Lambert. But Quinn isn't exactly helping matters... he's flirting with Emily and taking over the show, and soon Emily's life feels like a disaster zone.

Traveling Man was a finalist in the Romance Writers of America RITA contest for best sweet traditional romance of the year.

The Corporate Wife

Why does she keep wishing she'd said YES?

Erin Reynolds is already the perfect corporate secretary and personal assistant, so when her boss, Slater Livingstone, suggests they make their arrangement permanent through a marriage of convenience, the idea seems perfectly sensible – to him. Erin, on the other hand, thinks his offer is ludicrous... but the moment she turns him down, she can think of nothing but Slater.

A Matter of Principal

Camryn Hastings’ bed-and-breakfast is supporting her and her little daughter, Susan – until a problem with the mortgage brings banker Patrick McKenna into their lives with the threat to destroy everything Camryn has so patiently built. Unless Camryn can convince Patrick to help her find new financing, she’ll be ruined – but as she gets to know Patrick, Camryn finds that money is the last thing on her mind.

Touch Not My Heart

Gayle Bradley is the perfect personal assistant, doing whatever is necessary to advance the goals of her employer without comment or complaint – even if that means sending flowers to the ladies who have spent the night in the boss’s penthouse apartment above the office. So of course when allergic-to-marriage computer tycoon Jared Logan finds himself mired in a business deal and needing a temporary fiancée to pull off a coup, he turns to his assistant, thinking she’ll be perfect at this job, too. And he’s right – too right, because once Jared steps across the line, things get very, very personal…

Invitation to Love

Dillon Archer had already ruined Heidi Cameron’s father’s business and played a large part in his too-early death. Now he seems set on ruining the rest of Heidi’s life – the bed and breakfast business which is all she and her mother had salvaged from the wreckage – and acquiring Heidi herself just for good measure!

Promise Me Tomorrow

When rising reporter Cassidy Adams is assigned to go after a story on building tycoon Reid Cavanaugh, she’d rather run away than confront him again – if only that was an option. Five years before, Cassidy was a down-on-her-luck college student when Reid offered to rescue her, giving her baby a name and Cassidy herself a fresh start. But when her pregnancy ended, Cassidy was afraid to face Reid – or her feelings – and so she disappeared. When they meet again, the flames of their past are rekindled – and this time the fires of passion burn hotter yet.

Family Secrets

Chase Worthington might be a dropdead handsome hunk of movie star, but he doesn't know beans about raising his child – fouryearold Nicky’s tantrums are all the evidence Amanda Bailey needs. Nicky goes through nannies at the speed of light – until Chase goes on location in the small town of Springhill, Iowa, and Amanda, the manager of the local inn, enters the scene.

An Imperfect Love

"Love is blind – and marriage is an institution for the blind!" -- Justin Abernathy, divorce attorney

In his years as a Phoenix divorce attorney, Justin Abernathy has seen it all –and the bitter marital wars he’s witnessed have left him disillusioned with love. So when Justin decides to get married, he’s seeking a sensible, practical wife who wants the same things he does – a stable marriage and a family, with the promise of forever – accompanied by no mess, no sentiment, and no silly business about love. His announcement sends his confidential secretary, Alisa McClenaghan, into whoops of laughter – until she discovers that she is the bride he’s chosen.

Alisa is still recovering from the heartbreak she suffered when the man she loved married her sister – and when the newlyweds pop into her life again, Alisa turns to Justin and the sensible match he offers. But then she breaks all the rules by falling in love – with her husband.

 Old School Ties  

When arson threatens an abandoned school building in the center of a small retail district, cookie merchant Heather DeMarco is determined to save the building and turn it into an anchor to preserve the neighborhood. But the property’s owner, tycoon Cole Dennison, plans to demolish the structure, and Heather's efforts to persuade him otherwise just keep making things worse – until Cole offers her a deal and Heather has little choice but to agree.

  With No Reservations

Lacey Clinton left Kansas City and her job at her father’s hotel when fellow hotel-owner Damon Kendrick made clear that his passion for her did not include marriage. Now she’s back at the Clinton Hotel and having to deal with Damon on a daily basis. When fire closes down the Clinton and Lacey’s father decides to sell rather than renovate, the only logical buyer is Damon. But he hasn’t given up the idea of an affair – and he’s willing to buy only if Lacey is willing to play along.

Return to Amberley

a NEW sweet contemporary romance in the traditional Leigh Michaels style

When her girlhood crush blossomed into marriage, Andie believed in a rosy future with the man of her dreams – until Todd's betrayal sent her from the beauty of Minnesota's winters to Atlanta to begin anew. But just a few months later, Todd walks back into Andie's life – asking for her help.

The stone quarry they jointly inherited is for sale, and a good price would secure the future for both of them – paying Andie's tuition and buying freedom for Todd to concentrate on his sculpture. They need to sell now, but the prospective buyer believes he can pick up the quarry at a discount while Todd and Andie fight through a divorce.

Todd wants Andie to rejoin him at the family home, Amberley, and put a false face on their failing marriage to convince the buyer and sell the quarry. But is Andie risking her heart if she returns to Amberley?

The Grand Hotel 

Elizabeth Englin has a son she adores, a position of importance as a leader of society, and a job as the general manager of a big Chicago hotel. But her tranquil life is turned upside down when Grady Logan reappears -- for Grady knew her when she was Betsy Ames, chambermaid.

Let Me Count the Ways

Sara Prentiss is not impressed when best‑selling author Adam Merrill arrives on campus to team‑teach her creative writing class. When Sara's elderly housemate, Olivia -- Adam's biggest fan -- invites him to move in, Sara is infuriated. But she can't bear to hurt Olivia. One summer isn't so long, after all...

A Singular Honeymoon

When Sharley Collins finds her fiancé in the arms of another woman just a week before the wedding -- and Spence Greenfield refuses to explain his actions -- she calls off the engagement and retreats to the family cabin in the woods. But Spence thinks the cabin would be a good place to hide out, too -- and together they wind up spending a very singular honeymoon.

The Lake Effect

When high‑powered attorney Kane Forrestal abandons his career and takes up beach combing, his firm reacts by sending Alexandra Jacobi to talk him into coming back. Trouble is, who's going to end up persuading whom?

The Lake Effect was a finalist in the Romance Writers of America RITA contest for best sweet traditional romance of the year.

Safe in My Heart

Stunned when her fiancé betrays her, Katherine Whitman reacts by seducing her boss -- and when a single night of madness results in a pregnancy, she takes full responsibility. But Stephen Osborne insists they do as people always have -- get married. Does he want her, or only his baby? 

Taming A Tycoon

All reporter Savannah Seabrooke needs is thirty seconds of Dexter Caine's time. Catching up with the elusive millionaire to ask her single question is a challenge, but Savannah is equal to the task --  until Dexter turns the tables, holds her hostage, and announces that she's his wife!

Strictly Business

The friendship between Gianna West and Blake Whittaker had never interfered with their business partnership, Westway Cosmetics. But when Gianna's brilliant ideas for marketing their newest perfume throw Blake into the arms of the world's most gorgeous model, Gianna begins to wonder if he's involved in monkey business instead.

 The Best-Made Plans

Penn Caldwell was the love of Kaitlyn Ross's youth, but he left town rather than make a commitment. So now that he's back, why is she having second thoughts about her engagement to another man? 

An Uncommon Affair

Torey Farrell and Marsh Endicott have each inherited half a house. Each of them wants it all -- and neither is willing to budge an inch. They're reluctant house mates, stuck together by common ownership -- and they're also a man and a woman who are uncommonly attracted to each other.

Wedding Daze

a short-short story set in Regency England

It's too late for Emily to back out of her wedding, even though she's pretty sure she'll regret it if she says "I do." The groom is just as reluctant -- and their respective fathers seem to be the only ones who think the wedding is a good idea. Will Harry and Emily make it to the altar?

The Tattooed Lady

A contemporary short-short story

After just three months of marriage, Beth's sexy firefighter husband seems to find the fire station -- and the newest firefighter, a luscious blonde woman -- far more interesting than his wife. Beth decides to fight back, but is it already too late? Is the honeymoon over?

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