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A Word's Worth Information Form




email address:

About your book:

Working title of your manuscript:

Estimated length of total manuscript in words or double-spaced pages:

How much of your manuscript is currently completed?

What is the sub-genre or type of book (e.g., inspirational, paranormal, historical)?

What is the anticipated market (publisher or line) for the manuscript?

Are there specific questions in regard to this submission that you would like Leigh to address?

Is there anything about the manuscript Leigh should know in order to provide the most useful feedback?


About you:

How long have you been writing fiction? How long have you been writing romance?

What are your writing goals?

I understand that the feedback I will receive is the informed opinion of an experienced author/teacher but that it is not guaranteed to result in my book winning contests or being published.

I acknowledge that there are a limited number of basic plots and many variations on them. I understand that romantic themes, character names, plot events, etc. may appear in more than one romance novel through the original invention of individual authors and not as the result of deliberate copying. I understand that plagiarism is the intentional copying of sections of another authorís work, and that the recurrence of random ideas, titles, names, words, and expressions is not an indication of plagiarism. I agree that any potential similarity between my story and any story written by Leigh Michaels is coincidental and not a result of submitting my work for critique.

By filling out and emailing this form, I agree to the above statements and conditions.



(To copy and paste, highlight the desired text, then right click in the marked block, and select "copy." Then right click in the body of your email and select "paste." You will then be able to answer the questions and fill in the fields.)

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