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Characterization Worksheet

download this worksheet in RTF (text) format

What is this person's name?

Why was s/he named that?

Age?           Birthday?

Where does s/he live?

Why did s/he choose to live there?

Does s/he live in an apartment? a house?

Does s/he live by himself? with others?

What kind of car does s/he drive?

What are his/her important material possessions?

Give a brief physical description.

What are his/her hobbies?

What kind of music does s/he enjoy?

Does s/he have pets?

What are his/her favorite foods & drinks?

If s/he has an unexpected free half-day, how does s/he spend it?

How would a friend describe him/her?

What is his/her education?

What is his/her job?

Why did s/he choose that profession?

How does s/he feel about his work?

What does s/he want to be doing in twenty years?

How does s/he feel about the opposite sex?

Why does s/he feel that way?

Is s/he married? single? divorced?

Does s/he have children?

Does s/he have former lovers?

How would a former lover describe him/her?

Who are his/her parents?

Does s/he have brothers and sisters?

Where was s/he born and raised?

How important is the family relationship to him/her?

Who is his/her best friend? Why?

Who is his/her worst enemy? Why?

Which one event in his/her life has made this person what s/he is today?

How does s/he feel about himself?

What trait does s/he have which s/he wants to keep secret from the world?

What does s/he like most about his/her life?

What does s/he dislike most about his/her life?

What one thing would s/he like to change about the world?

What would this person die to defend?

What is his/her most likeable character trait?

What is his/her most unlikable or troublesome character defect?

As the story begins, what is his/her problem?

What does s/he do that makes this problem worse?

What is this person's ideal happy ending?

What reaction do you want the reader to have to this person?

Why should the reader care about this person?

copyright 2013 Leigh Michaels

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