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Leigh's Classes

Leigh teaches romance writing at Gotham Writers Workshop, which provides Internet classes in genre fiction. Classes run ten weeks. Each week a lecture, an assignment, and a discussion question are posted, and students check in at any time of day and from anywhere around the world. The instructor comments on homework, and each student puts up work for comments from other class members. Each class is limited to 16 students.

Visit http://www.writingclasses.com for further information.

Student News

Many of Leigh’s students have gone on to publish multiple books

with commercial romance publishers.

Current & Upcoming Classes

for an up-to-date schedule of classes visit

Gotham Writers Workshop

Romance 1 --  offered 6 to 8 times per year

Romance 2 -- offered 4 times per year

Romance Master Class -- offered occasionally

Seminars & Workshops

Leigh offers seminars and programs to writers' groups and other groups

Workshops range in length from one hour to a weekend.

Available programs include:

Writing Between the Sexes (using gender differences to create believable characters)

The Top Eleven Ways Not to Finish Your Book

The Wonderful World of Romance Novels

Between the Covers (getting happily published)

For the Love of Tea -- the history of tea and tea parties

Shakespeare: The Real Man Behind the Pen Name

Louisiana Exposition: The 1904 World's Fair

more information

Please email leighmichaels @ hotmail.com (without the spaces) with inquiries

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