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Historical romance ebooks

multi-book collections

The Bride Assignment     

 Kindle     Barnes & Noble     iBooks     Kobo     inktera     Scribd


 Macey Phillips’ job at Peterson Temps is to match workers with short-time job assignments—not to be a matchmaker.

Derek McConnell thinks differently. To secure his position as head of a baby-products firm, he needs to settle down as a family man. With no time to court a wife, he hires Macey to sort through the hundred possibilities and find just the right Mrs. McConnell.

Choosing a wife for a man she knows little about proves fiendishly difficult. As Macey strikes potential brides from the list, pressure grows from Derek’s board of directors – and soon Derek’s wondering if there might be a simpler solution – marrying Macey!

The Unlikely Santa   

 Kindle      Barnes & Noble  iBooks      inktera     Scribd      Kobo

In the retail business, Christmas isn't a holiday, it's an endurance contest – and as manager of the Tyler-Royale department store in a major Chicago shopping mall, Brandi Ogilvie knows that surviving December will be a challenge. Merchandise is going astray and her staff is decimated by flu, but at least Brandi has a full roster of Santas. Then Zack Forrest shows up in her store, insisting he's the perfect candidate to fill Santa's red velvet suit.

Brandi's new Santa is too tall, too lean, too dark, and way too sexy for the role. But he's enough to make a jaded department store manager think twice about what she'd like to find under her tree on Christmas morning – if only she wasn't so certain that Zack is hiding something.

The Unlikely Santa was a finalist in the Romance Writers of America RITA contest for best sweet traditional romance of the year.

The Corporate Wife

   Kindle   Barnes & Noble     iBooks     inktera     Scribd     Kobo

Erin Reynolds is already the perfect corporate secretary and personal assistant, so when her boss, Slater Livingstone, suggests they make the arrangement permanent through a marriage of convenience, it seems perfectly sensible... until Erin falls in love.

The Only Solution 

   Kindle      Barnes & Noble      iBooks        inktera       Scribd      Kobo

Wendy Miller adores the baby girl her dying friend left in her care, but when she loses her job, she has to call in Rory's family. Mack Burgess wants to raise his niece -- but not deprive her of her new mother. His solution is a marriage of convenience. Can Wendy actually marry the man she's come to love -- but who doesn't love her?

Return to Amberley

 Kindle     Print     iBooks      Barnes & Noble    inktera    Scribd     Kobo

a NEW sweet contemporary romance in the traditional Leigh Michaels style

When her girlhood crush blossomed into marriage, Andie believed in a rosy future with the man of her dreams – until Todd's betrayal sent her from the beauty of Minnesota's winters to Atlanta to begin anew. But just a few months later, Todd walks back into Andie's life – asking for her help.

The stone quarry they jointly inherited is for sale, and a good price would secure the future for both of them – paying Andie's tuition and buying freedom for Todd to concentrate on his sculpture. They need to sell now, but the prospective buyer believes he can pick up the quarry at a discount while Todd and Andie fight through a divorce.

Todd wants Andie to rejoin him at the family home, Amberley, and put a false face on their failing marriage to convince the buyer and sell the quarry. But is Andie risking her heart if she returns to Amberley?

Dreams to Keep        Kindle

Chelsea Ryan badly wants a partnership in her architectural firm, and when it is awarded instead to Nick Stanton, she's determined not to make his new job easy for him. Nick wants Chelsea's cooperation – but not only at the drawing board. And he's prepared to stoop to blackmail to get what he wants.

This vintage romance novel was first published by Harlequin Mills & Boon in 1985 – an era when architects used mechanical pencils and electric erasers instead of computer-assisted-design software. The passage of time, changes in attitudes, and advances in technology have in some ways turned this book into a period piece – an accidental historical novel set in the 1980s.

SIMPLY GOOD -- Recipes for the Busy Cook           Kindle

In today's hectic world, it's hard to find time to slice, dice, roast and simmer. Award-winning romance novelist and amateur cook Leigh Michaels shares tested recipes which are family-pleasing good as well as easy and fast to fix. Includes recipes for tasty breakfasts, lunches, dinners, breads, muffins, snacks, and treats, with a hyperlinked table of contents for easy navigation to specific recipes.


Whether it's a cup with a friend or an elegant afternoon affair, tea is a fun and flexible way to entertain. Leigh shares her favorite tea parties -- including formal tea receptions, Mad Hatter's Tea Parties, picnic teas, happy hour teas, and more -- complete with menus and recipes.

Also available in an all-color print version

The Lake Effect   Kindle

When high‑powered attorney Kane Forrestal abandons his career and takes up beach combing, his firm reacts by sending Alexandra Jacobi to talk him into coming back. Trouble is, who's going to end up persuading whom?

The Lake Effect was a finalist in the Romance Writers of America RITA contest for best sweet traditional romance of the year.

Safe In My Heart   Kindle     Nook

Stunned when her fiancé betrays her, Katherine Whitman reacts by seducing her boss -- and when a single night of madness results in a pregnancy, she takes full responsibility. But Stephen Osborne insists they do as people always have -- get married. Does he want her, or only his baby? 

House of Dreams     Kindle  

Jaymie Logan=s elderly friend Gretta agreed to let her home be restored as a designer showcase with Jaymie in charge. But Gretta's sudden death leaves Jaymie and the showcase project dangling, at the mercy of Gretta's nephew, Simon Nichols.

Wedding Daze     Kindle    Nook

a short-short story set in Regency England

It's too late for Emily to back out of her wedding, even though she's pretty sure she'll regret it if she says "I do." The groom is just as reluctant -- and their respective fathers seem to be the only ones who think the wedding is a good idea. Will Harry and Emily make it to the altar?

The Tattooed Lady    Kindle  Nook

A contemporary short-short story

After just three months of marriage, Beth's sexy firefighter husband seems to find the fire station -- and the newest firefighter, a luscious blonde woman -- far more interesting than his wife. Beth decides to fight back, but is it already too late? Is the honeymoon over?

A Singular Honeymoon    Kindle     Nook

When Sharley Collins finds her fiancé in the arms of another woman just a week before the wedding -- and Spence Greenfield refuses to explain his actions -- she calls off the marriage and retreats to the family cabin in the woods. But Spence thinks the cabin would be a good place to hide out, too -- and together they wind up spending a very singular honeymoon.

Rebel With a Cause   Kindle     Nook  

Brett Hilliard has promised that his chocolate business will revitalize Fultonsville's ailing economy. But Rebecca Barclay, Rebel to the fans of her radio show, has heard that sort of promise before. Someone has to stop Hilliard before Fultonsville pays the price. But Rebel quickly begins to understand why everyone finds Brett so charming.

Traveling Man    Kindle     Nook

When the host of the Kansas City Morning TV show has a heart attack, the station manager brings in traveling feature reporter Quinn Randolph to "help" the co‑host, Emily Lambert. But Quinn isn't exactly helping matters... he's flirting with Emily and taking over the show, and soon Emily's life feels like a disaster zone.

Traveling Man was a finalist in the Romance Writers of America RITA contest for best sweet traditional romance of the year.

Exclusively Yours   Kindle     Nook

Julie Gordon's exclusive gift shop occupies the old family home, one of the few that remain in a commercialized district. There's no reason for her to want to sell her home and business -- especially to Greg Roberts, an arrogant developer who plans to bulldoze the old brick mansion and replace it with an office complex. But Greg isn't about to give up, no matter what sort of persuasion it takes. 

The McKenna Books

The McKenna Family

All five McKenna Stories are now available in ONE e-book!


# 1 -- A Matter of Principal     Kindle    Nook  

Camryn Hastings's bed‑and‑breakfast is supporting her and her little daughter -- until a problem with the mortgage brings banker Patrick McKenna into their lives with the threat to destroy everything Camryn has so patiently built.

 #2 -- No Place Like Home    Kindle   Nook   

Kaye Reardon and Graham Forrest make a perfect couple -- all they need is the perfect house, and they'll be married and live happily ever after. But there are no houses which suit both Kaye's taste and Graham's list of requirements. And real estate agent Brendan McKenna is no help. In fact, he seems to think that Kaye shouldn't be looking for a house at all, but for a different man.

#3 -- Garrett's Back in Town     Kindle     Nook   

When columnist Matt Garrett returns to Lakemont to take over the family newspaper, assistant city editor Anne McKenna is furious. She believes in climbing the corporate ladder on merit, not connections -- though she has to admit that cultivating a connection with Garrett might be very interesting, after all.

#4 -- The Unexpected Landlord   Kindle  Nook

The last thing Clancey Kincade needs as she opens her new toy store is Rowan McKenna: accountant, real estate investor -- and her new and accidental landlord. Rowan didn't intend to buy the building out from under Clancey -- and his new and accidental tenant is no more to his liking than he is to hers.

#5 -- Dating Games     Kindle    Nook  

The matchmakers are out in force, and both Rachel Todd and Colin McKenna are targets. It seems only sensible to combine forces, pretend to date each other, and get all the matchmakers off the trail... until the dating game gets all too serious.

The Springhill Series

The Springhill books involve a group of friends who grew up together

and have remained close as adults

The Springhill Series (five books in one e-volume)


Sell Me a Dream    Kindle    Nook   

With her job selling real estate, her little daughter, and the new man in her life, Stephanie Kendall is content – but when her ex-husband moves to town, her peaceful life comes to a crashing halt. The once footloose Jordan Kendall is now a powerful businessman, and he insists Stephanie be the one to find him the house of his dreams. But is the house only the beginning? What if the next thing he demands is custody of their daughter?

Once and For Always    Kindle    Nook   

When her modeling career brings Jill Donovan back into contact with Scott Richards, she has to admit that she still feels the lure of the man she once loved. But everything that kept them apart still lies between them -- all of those things, and more. For Scott didn't wait for her. He wears a wedding ring, and he has a little son... 

An Uncommon Affair   Kindle       Nook      

Torey Farrell and Marsh Endicott have each inherited half a house. Each of them wants it all -- and neither is willing to budge an inch. They're reluctant house mates, stuck together by common ownership -- and they're also a man and a woman who are uncommonly attracted to each other.

The Best-Made Plans      Kindle   

Penn Caldwell was the love of Kaitlyn Ross's youth, but he left town rather than make a commitment. So now that he's back, why is she having second thoughts about her engagement to another man? 

 Family Secrets     Kindle    Nook    

Chase Worthington might be a drop‑dead handsome hunk of movie star, but he doesn't know beans about raising his child; four‑year‑old Nicky's behavior is all the proof Amanda Bailey needs. Nicky goes through nannies at the speed of light -- until Chase goes on location and Amanda enters the scene. 

The Daddy Trap     Kindle   Nook   

Lindsay wanted a baby, Gibb didn't -- and their marriage broke up over the disagreement. Now Gibb's back in town, and their attraction is just as strong. But Gibb still doesn't want a child -- and Lindsay now has an eight‑year‑old son. 

The Daddy Trap was a finalist in the Romance Writers of America RITA contest for best sweet traditional romance of the year.

Taming A Tycoon      Kindle    Nook

All reporter Savannah Seabrooke needs is thirty seconds of Dexter Caine's time. Catching up with the elusive millionaire to ask her single question is a challenge, but Savannah is equal to the task --  until Dexter turns the tables, holds her hostage, and announces that she's his wife!

 The Only Man for Maggie   Kindle   Nook    

Maggie Rawlings is perfectly happy with her apartment, and she isn't giving it up just because developer Karr Elliot wants to tear down the building, no matter how many fine‑print clauses he invokes. But what if some of Karr's clauses have more to do with Maggie than with Eagle's Landing? 

Close Collaboration    Kindle     Nook  

When Mallory Mitchell needs an authority to co‑author the textbook she is writing, it's no problem to find the authority. But when Mallory comes face to face with sociologist C. Duncan Adams, sparks fly. She has to work with him in order to sell her book -- but will he ever be anything more than a teacher's pest?

 Brittany's Castle   Kindle     Nook

Brittany Bridges and Ryan Masters no longer have anything in common; their marriage is doomed. But Ryan demands that Brittany go along with the pretense for a few weeks more, in return for his cooperation in the courts. So Brittany allows him to move back to the house they once shared -- Brittany's Castle, which soon feels more like a prison...

Invitation to Love  Kindle   Nook

Dillon Archer had already ruined Heidi Cameron's father's business and played a part in his early death. Now he seems set on ruining the rest of Heidi's life -- the bed & breakfast business which is all she and her mother salvaged from the wreckage -- and acquiring Heidi herself, just for good measure!

Wednesday's Child   Kindle      Nook

When Layne Emerson's son Robbie breaks his ankle in a Little League game, Layne -- out of a job -- can't pay Robbie's medical bills. And she can't refuse the assistance offered by Robbie's father, her estranged husband Kyle. But Kyle puts a different sort of price tag on his help -- and Layne isn't sure she can afford it, either.

 Ties that Blind   Kindle    Nook

It isn't that Abbey Stafford doesn't want her widowed mother to marry again; she just doesn't think Janice has made a good choice in Frank Granger, the neighborhood handyman. And she isn't the only one to think so: Frank's son Flynn is just as opposed to the match -- and to having Abbey in his life. 

Ties that Blind was a finalist in the Romance Writers of America RITA contest for best sweet traditional romance of the year.

Temporary Measures     Kindle      Nook

When Deborah Ainsley's distant cousin Riley Lassiter warns her that Aunt Ida is about to invest the family trust fund in a scam, Deborah needs a good excuse to hold up the transfer. An expensive wedding -- to be paid for by the trust -- might do the trick, and as for a groom... well, Riley is close at hand, and he already knows the score.

Old School Ties    Kindle    Nook    

When arson threatens an abandoned school in the center of a small antiques area, cookie merchant Heather DeMarco is determined to save the building. But the owner, tycoon Cole Dennison, plans to demolish the structure, and Heather's efforts to persuade him are going nowhere fast.

An Imperfect Love   Kindle     Nook  

When divorce attorney Justin Abernathy decides to get married despite his disillusionment with love, his announcement that he's seeking a sensible and practical wife sends his secretary, Alisa McClenaghan, into whoops of laughter -- until she discovers that she is the bride he's chosen.

Carlisle Pride   Kindle  Nook 

With the family fortune gone, Brooke Carlisle has struggled to support her two younger sisters and make ends meet. Then Tyler Marshall comes back to town, seeking revenge because of the ruthless way in which Brooke had broken their engagement. But how much is enough to satisfy Ty? And what does he want, anyway? The remains of the Carlisle business? The family home? Or Brooke herself? 

Strictly Business   Kindle     Nook

The friendship between Gianna West and Blake Whittaker had never interfered with their business partnership, Westway Cosmetics. But when Gianna's brilliant ideas for marketing their newest perfume throw Blake into the arms of the world's most gorgeous model, Gianna begins to wonder if he's involved in monkey business instead.

Just a Normal Marriage    Kindle    Nook

In order to create a stable home for her young half‑sister, Shauna McCoy proposes marriage to the child's pediatrician, Rob Stevens. She envisions a business arrangement, but Rob has in mind a much more normal marriage.

Some Kind of Hero     Kindle    Nook

Pop singer Hunter Dix is Lauren Hodges' hero – far more glamorous and exciting than Ward, the practical man just down the street who has been courting her for months. She had never dreamed of actually meeting her hero, but when Hunter visits the jewelry store where she works, there's an undeniable connection. Suddenly Hunter is just as excited by his sweet Lauren as she is about him, and he's talking of sweeping her off on his next tour. But is Lauren so dazzled by champagne and roses and special concerts that she can't recognize a real hero when she sees one?

The Grand Hotel     Kindle   Nook

Elizabeth Englin has a son she adores, a position of importance as a leader of society, and a job as the general manager of a big Chicago hotel. But her tranquil life is turned upside down when Grady Logan reappears -- for Grady knew her when she was Betsy Ames, chambermaid.

Touch Not My Heart    Kindle   Nook

A good secretary does whatever is necessary to advance the goals of her boss -- but when Gayle Bradley's employer, computer tycoon Jared Logan, announces that he needs a temporary fiancée in order to cement a business deal, Gayle's professional calm is shaken -- forever.

O'Hara's Legacy    Kindle  Nook

Kelly Sheridan is delighted to find that Patrick O'Hara remembered her in his will -- until she learns that he has left half of his bookstore to her and half to his nephew, Ross Clayton. Ross makes it plain he thinks Kelly has taken unfair advantage of his uncle, and before long, Kelly begins to wonder if O'Hara's legacy will end up in murder!

A New Desire    Kindle   Nook 

Whitney Lattimer is a professional woman -- the best executive the Tyler‑Royale department stores could boast. But when Whitney lands in Kansas City to investigate what is wrong with the newest store in the chain, she soon discovers that management specialist Max Townsend is just as stubborn as she -- and he refuses to take "no" for an answer!

Leaving Home  Kindle  Nook

Brodie McKenzie has grown up, and she no longer needs her guardian interfering with her plans for marriage and career. The fact that Drew Hammond is nearly always right certainly doesn't make it any less painful for Brodie when her plans start to go awry.

Capture a Shadow    Kindle   Nook

When top-selling romance novelist Valerie St. John announces that she is giving up her career and disappears into obscurity in the Midwest, editor Shelby Stuart is appalled. Unless she can persuade Valerie to write another book for her, Shelby will be fired. But the man who is supposed to be helping her look for Valerie -- Mark Buchanan -- seems to be more interested in Shelby herself than in the search, and Shelby feels as if she's hunting a shadow.

Promise Me Tomorrow   Kindle     Nook

Five years before, Reid Cavanaugh rescued Cassidy from a bad situation -- and made it worse. So rising reporter Cassidy Adams doesn't want to go after the tycoon's story and once more enter his life. But the choice isn't up to her. 

Shades of Yesterday    Kindle  Nook

Courtney Martin turns to Nate Winslow for help to finish college, because Nate was her father's step‑brother. But it is Nate's son Jeff who resents Courtney and her influence on his father. And all the time, shadows are drawing close over Hearthstone -- the shades of yesterday...

With No Reservations    Kindle

When Lacey Clinton's father decides to sell his hotel, the only logical buyer is hotel tycoon Damon Kendrick. But Damon is more interested in Lacey than in the hotel and he's willing to buy only if she does him a few favors in return.

              Let Me Count the Ways    Kindle

Sara Prentiss is not impressed when best‑selling author Adam Merrill arrives on campus to team‑teach her creative writing class. When Sara's elderly housemate, Olivia -- Adam's biggest fan -- invites him to move in, Sara is infuriated. But she can't bear to hurt Olivia. One summer isn't so long, after all...

Come Next Summer   Kindle     Nook

All Devon Quinn needs is an apartment for the spring semester. She didn't plan on getting a roommate, especially an irritatingly self‑assured male. But there is only one apartment and two people wanting it. How bad can it be, she asked herself, to share an apartment with Jon Hardesty for a few months? Come summer, it would all be over.

Deadline for Love   Kindle    Nook

Lesley Allen has her dream job as editor of TODAY'S WOMAN magazine and a fiancé who adores her and owns the magazine. But when her fiancé puts TODAY'S WOMAN up for sale, the prospective buyer is Cade Randall, a man who remembers all too well both Lesley and the twenty thousand dollars she conned from him ten years before.

Kiss Yesterday Goodbye       Kindle        Nook

When Jenny Ashley left Twin Rivers five years before, she also left behind a troubled relationship with her self‑assured stepbrother, Dane Sutherland. When Jenny comes home, Dane is still just as irritating -- and even more determined that he, not Jenny, will take over the Ashley family business.

On Writing Romance    Kindle   Nook                    

Start Writing Romance -- the basics   Kindle

Creating Romantic Characters   Kindle   Nook    

Writing Between the Sexes   Kindle     Nook

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