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The Johnson Brigham Plaque


    Leigh Michaels is the 2003 recipient of the Johnson Brigham Plaque, awarded every two to three years by the Iowa Library Association to "the Iowa author for the most outstanding contribution to literature."

    The Johnson Brigham award was named for its first recipient, and is a bronze plaque more than eight inches in diameter, designed under the guidance of Iowa artist Grant Wood.

    Previous recipients of the Johnson Brigham Plaque include Ruth Suckow (1935), McKinlay Kantor (1936), Paul Engle (1940), William L. Shirer (1945), Bess Streeter Aldrich (1949), Wallace Stegner (1962), R. V. Cassill ( 1968), Julie McDonald (1983), Jane Smiley (1991), Robert James Waller (1994), and Max Allan Collins (2001).

  Photo by Michael W. Lemberger, copyright 2004.

Permission to reproduce is granted, provided that credit is given.

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