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Just One Season In London

Meet the Ryecrofts...the family that courts together.

RYE -- Viscount Ryecroft is a young man with a problem. Make that two problems: He has a beautiful sister to marry off -- but no money to fund a London Season for her. Perhaps he needs to find an heiress for himself first? 

SOPHIE – Miss Sophie Ryecroft is willing to marry for the good of the family -- but since she can't meet the sort of man Rye has in mind for her except in London, she’s looking for alternatives. 

MIRANDA -- Rye and Sophie's mother, the dowager (but still young) Lady Ryecroft, will do anything for the sake of her children -- even taking up again with a man she knew long ago, and  offering to be his mistress.

Only in London can the Ryecrofts find their destinies…

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