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Her Wedding Wager

Her future depends on winning this bet

Celia’s best hope of finding a husband – and avoiding the marriage her uncle has in mind for her – is Lady Stone’s high-society wedding party. With two earls, a viscount, and a baron to choose from, Celia should be content. So why is she paying more attention to her distant cousin Simon Montrose? He’s not only the man her Uncle Rupert thinks she should marry, but Simon’s the one who bet her she can’t capture a titled gentleman before the party’s over.


Her Wedding Wager is also available in the Magical Weddings collection

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Praise for Magical Weddings...

"Adorable!! One of the better compilation series I've read with varied stories. It was such a quick and easy read even though there were fifteen separate stories. There is something for everyone!! Must read!" --S. Bartholomew, NetGalley reviewer

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