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Plotting a Story

1. What is the heroine's short-term problem? 

2. What is the hero's short-term problem? 

3. How are the two problems related? 

4. How do these problems come to the reader's attention? 

5. How does the heroine's short-term problem grow worse? 

6. How does the hero's short-term problem grow worse? 

7. What is the heroine's long-term problem? 

8. What is the hero's long-term problem? 

9. How are the two problems related to each other? 

10. How are the long-term problems of each character related to their short-term problems? 

11. What is the black moment at which it seems impossible the problem can ever be solved? 

12. How is each character's short-term problem resolved? 

13. How does the solution of the short-term problems contribute to the solution of the long-term problem? 

14. How do the main characters contribute to the solution of their own problems? 

15. What event brings about the ending? 

16. What is the happy ending?

This exercise is copyrighted material and is offered for the individual's own use. Further distribution or sale is not permitted without permission of the copyright holder. Copyright 2013 Leigh Michaels. 

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