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Seminars and Programs

Leigh offers seminars and programs to writers' groups and other groups.

Workshops range in length from one hour to a weekend.

Available programs include:

for writers:

Writing Between the Sexes (using gender differences to create believable characters)

ABOUT THE WORKSHOP: Have you ever read a mystery where the heroine sounds like an oversexed gangster? Or a romance where the hero sounds more like a girlfriend than a man? Chances are, the oversexed heroine was created by a male author; the tender, emotional hero by a woman. Men and women think, act, and talk differently which causes problems for writers who are trying to create characters of the opposite sex.

Learn about the most common gender differences, and use them to create believable characters of the opposite sex. (And along the way, you may get some great ideas about how to deal with your husband, boyfriend, boss, big brother, or other assorted males -- or for the first time, understand what's really going on inside the head of your wife, girlfriend, mom...)

The Top Eleven Ways Not to Finish Your Book

Out of every hundred people who want to write a book, ninety-nine never finish. What are the secret reasons why they never make it to their goal? What prevents them from moving all the way from Chapter One to The End?

Things that Stump the Best of Us (Pacing, Backstory, and Transitions)

ABOUT THE WORKSHOP: Boring backstory, ponderous pacing, and troublesome transitions form a trio of storytelling trouble that haunts writers even when we know our characters backwards. What does the reader need to know right now? What comes next? What bit of information should be included in this sentence, or on this page? And what should be held back till the next page, or chapter or left out altogether?

Here are proven techniques for burnishing the backstory, pepping up the pacing, and tweaking the transitions to make your story flow fast and smooth.

The View from Here -- POV and Perspective

Characters Who Keep Secrets

Can a point-of-view character keep a big secret from the reader,

and still be sympathetic and convincing?

Brainstorming Workout

(come prepared to exercise)

Publishing Yourself in Print and E-book

Writer's Block is a GOOD Thing!

Between the Covers: Moving from Category to Single-Title

for general audiences:

Romance: When You Care Enough to Read the Very Best

For the Love of Tea -- the history of tea and tea parties

Much Ado About Shakespeare: The Real Man Behind the Pen Name

Louisiana Exposition: The 1904 World's Fair

Speaking fees are negotiable.

All reasonable expenses (including ticket/mileage, hotel, and basic meals) must be covered by the sponsoring group.

Please email leighmichaels @ hotmail.com (no spaces) with inquiries

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